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Sahara Pro Turbo Dryer
Price: $25.00/Day

The Sahara Pro delivers powerful airflow exactly where you need it — at floor level, up walls, or up stairways.
Velo Air Mover
Price: $26.00/Day

Velo Air Mover features a patented airflow design that dries extra-fast to prevent mildew, mold or other damage.
Price: $35.00/Day

The AirPath lets you dry all types of carpets and hard floors in minutes, not hours. Directs air uniformly in all directions across floor surfaces for fast drying.
Ace Turbo Dryer
Price: $30.00/Day

The Ace Turbo Dryer offers six different positions to help you tackle the most difficult drying challenges.
Vortex Axial Fan
Price: $45.00/Day

This air mover will ventilate confined spaces through up to 125 feet of ducting – or propel dry air across large open areas to aid in drying. Improve indoor air quality; remove unwanted harsh odors.
Price: $65.00/Day

Removes up to 64 pints per day. Super convenient size.
LGR Dehumidifier
Price: $85.00/Day

LGR technology boosts effective operating range. Compact size weighs only 92 pounds. Draws only 5 amps – but removes 70 pints per day.
LGR XL Dehumidifier
Price: $125.00/Day

The LGR XL Dehumidifier removes more water than any other dehumidifier in its category!
Hepa 500 Air Scrubber
Price: $125.00/Day

Get high efficiency air filtration and great versatility in a highly portable package. The HEPA 500 is ideal for handling indoor air quality needs on every restoration job!
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